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2013    BS    Georgia Institute of Technology     Biomedical Engineering 

2016    MS    University of Colorado-Denver     Mechanical Engineering

2018    PhD   University of Colorado-Denver     Engineering and Applied Sciences

Software Skills

Finite element analysis using ABAQUS (5 years), image segmentation in ScanIP (5 years), 3D design in SolidWorks (8 years), scripting in MATLAB (9 years), data acquisition in LabVIEW (2 years)

Professional Experience

Consulting Engineer,  K1C Consulting,  Denver, CO  (June 2018-Present)

  • Developed finite element model for analysis of compression in a nickel-titanium based intramedullary nail for ankle fusion.  

Intellectual Property Intern, Furman IP Law,  Boulder, CO  (August 2017-February 2018)

  • Conducted prior art searches for attorney to determine product patentability.

  • Drafted invention disclosures and patent claims strategically to maximize client IP portfolio options and create the broadest coverage of existing patents.

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO  (January 2014-Present)

  • Developed Finite Element model for analysis of porous polymer spinal fusion cages using patient specific images and created a model for prediction of endplate properties from demographic and radiographic data

  • Analyzed mechanical properties of lumbar vertebrae and spinal instrumentation using electromechanical testing systems with custom test fixtures

  • Developed and validated method to measure vertebral bone material properties using indentation

Research Scientist, LumaMed, Inc., Norcorss, GA (July 2013-January 2014)

  • Performed power throughput analysis of a novel optical microscope for detection of cancer tumor margins

  • Developed LabVIEW program for image subtraction of cross polarized cameras

Research and Development Co-op, Medshape, Inc. Atlanta, GA (May 2010-December 2012)

  • Developed and modeled various surgical implant and instrument designs for shoulder, foot/ankle, and knee orthopedic procedures.  (suture anchors, ACL repair devices, tenodesis devices, intramedullary nails)

  • Evaluated mechanical strength and integrity of orthopedic implants using electromechanical material testing systems (Instron, MTS, TA) for validation testing according to ASTM and ISO standards for each respective device.  (pullout testing, load sharing analysis, material characterization)

Awards and Honors

NSF INTERN Fellowship Program Award ($30,000)

One of 75 awards nationwide

1st place, Mechanical Engineering Spring Symposium, 2016

Awarded by Mechanical Engineering department at UCDenver

3rd place, Mechanical Engineering Spring Symposium, 2015

Awarded by Mechanical Engineering department at UCDenver

Additional Experience​

Teaching Assistant/Lecturer, 3D Design and Additive Manufacturing class (January 2017-Present)

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