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Currently Published

  • Patel RR, Noshchenko A, Dana Carpenter R, et al. Evaluation and Prediction of Human Lumbar Vertebrae Endplate Mechanical Properties Using Indentation and Computed Tomography. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. 2018;140.           

  • Ahn H*, Patel RR*, Hoyt AJ, et al. Biological evaluation and finite-element modeling of porous poly(para-phenylene) for orthopaedic implants. Acta biomaterialia. 2018;72:352-361.  

  • Collins DA, Yakacki CM, Lightbody D, Patel RR, Frick CP. Shape-memory behavior of high-strength amorphous thermoplastic poly(para-phenylene). Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 2016;133(3).

  • Sabina U, Traugutt N, Volpe R, Patel, RR., Yu K, Yakacki C. Liquid Crystal Elastomers: An Introduction and Review of Emerging Technologies. Liquid Crystals Reviews. 6:1, 78-107

In Press

  • Terrill PK*, Patel RR*, Pacaccio DJ, Carpenter RD, Yakacki CM. Comparison of Titanium, Pseudoelastic, and Carbon-Fiber Composite Intramedullary Nails using a Patient-Specific Finite-Element Model for Tibiotalocalcaneal Fusion. Submission pending

*Indicates equal contribution

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